Barney Rachabane

Barney Rachabane

Mar 28, 2012

THIS BLOG WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED. Jazzin Jozi is also going off Facebook and Twitter at the end of April 2012. Thanks for attending the local gigs placed here over the years. We are certain you will still find jazz gigs all over Gauteng. 

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  1. It is a shame to have to terminate these pages, but at the moment we really only offer a service that most musicians already have. They post info about their upcoming gigs on Twitter and Facebook regularly. We don't offer anything different in that regard. We wanted to have a singular page for all such info from all sorts of sources and musicians, but it is proving difficult to manage due to many reasons. The other issue is that this page has not been effective in getting more attendance at gigs. Audiences are elusive and complex.